Free: Angels We Have Heard On High – Early Intermediate Piano Duet

I thought I would share this piece in case anyone else might be able to use it for this Christmas. It’s a 4-hand one-piano duet I just finished up for my boys to play. (side note: I use the Alfred Premier Piano Series to teach my boys and they are currently in Book 3…that’s how I came up with the difficulty level and what musical elements to employ.) I really enjoyed writing this, as in all my years of writing this is my first attempt ever at a piano duet of any kind! If you decide to use this piece, I’d really love any feedback on anything you liked about it and any ideas to make it better. Click on the links below to listen to the piece and view/download the music for free (I’ll leave it up for free until the end of the year). God bless!

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13 Responses to “Free: Angels We Have Heard On High – Early Intermediate Piano Duet”

  • Holly Says:

    Very nice!! My dd and I are excited about learning this-thanks for making it available!

  • Martha Cochran Says:

    Thanks so much for the duet arrangement. My student and I are planning to play it on December 16th and December 23rd (services in two different places). She is excited!

  • Priscilla Robinson Says:

    Hi Dave,
    Thanks for the duet! I can’t wait to try it with one of my students. It is very beautiful! Did you record it with the boys? I am impressed that they are such accomplished pianists! Thanks for sharing your talent with us!! Love you all, Merry Christmas (and Happy Thanksgiving) Auntie Cilla

    • Dave Mincy Says:

      Hi Auntie Cilla:
      I recorded this…the boys would have made it sound better! ;-) I’m glad you have someone you can play it with. It was very rewarding to write…I think I will try my hand at more…I love seeing them playing at the piano together…plus, I’ve got Skye started now, too…love ya!

  • Scott Ashby Says:

    Thanks, Dave! Looking forward to trying this tomorrow with two twin boys! Hope you’re all doing well.

    • Dave Mincy Says:

      Hey Scott:
      Yes Sir…doin well…making the Canadians come to us this year for Christmas, so no trips to the frozen tundra ;-) Keep on!

  • Julie Masse Says:

    Very nice Dave! Going to try it with my oldest! Looks like it’ll be great for her and we can play it for Christmas! Thanks – and yes, write more! :)

  • Steve Says:

    Love the arrangement! Is it possible for you to fix the audio file so we can download it too?


  • James Brodeur Says:


    I am a music teacher at a high school. I think this arrangement would be great to use for my piano students in our upcoming concert. Is it okay for us to use the arrangement.



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