Complete in Thee – Student Piano Piece

You may remember that I had offered an intermediate/advanced-level piece of this same song a while back, but my second son had asked for an arrangement of this song that he could play and so I wrote this student level piece as well. The difficulty level of this piece corresponds well with the midway mark of Alfred’s Premier Piano Course Level 2A. Practically, this arrangement incorporates the following concepts:*
1) Playing block chords (triads, inversions)
2) Ties and eighth notes
3) Fingering and shifting hand positions
4) Left hand melody
5) Use of Damper Pedal
6) Dynamic and tempo variation
*This song is originally in 3/4 time, but I put it in 6/4 in order to stay within the learned concepts of this piano level (primarily the fact that they haven’t been exposed to dotted quarter notes yet)

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