All I Have Is Christ Piano Solo

This song has been real blessing to me personally, and is definitely one of our congregation’s favorite hymns to sing right now. Regardless of whether you decide to use/buy this piece, I encourage you to click on the link below and listen to the arrangement while also viewing the music (so that you can read the words). This song will challenge your heart!
Just a couple of things to mention:
1) I have included the words of this hymn in the arrangement to help us (I hope) focus on the message of the song as we play (I’ll be playing this as part of our Easter service). I hope to continue doing this moving forward.
2) This song is a good congregational hymn for Easter, so perhaps this arrangement can serve as a teaching tool for congregations not familiar with it. The arrangement is in D Major, which is the same key as the congregational version. You can download a PDF of the congregational music for free here (use your CCLI license to project or include in a bulletin).


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4 Responses to “All I Have Is Christ Piano Solo”

  • Sarah P. Says:

    This is a great arrangement! Thank you so much, Dave.

  • Dave Barba Says:

    Beautiful arrangement, Dave, that opens the heart to the Christ-honoring words! God will use it on Easter and often in congregational singing. Thanks!

    • Dave Mincy Says:

      Hola! (ok, I’ll quit while I’m behind) ;-)
      It is GREAT to hear from my favorite church planting guru. Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by, listen, and comment. May God see fit to use it exactly as you have said…I know He has in my heart!

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