5 Tech Tools for Church Musicians

The worlds of music and technology have always been closely intertwined for me, and I continue to be amazed at the wonderful software, hardware, tools, apps, and ideas being made available to musicians.  I’m going to occasionally highlight some of the things that I use (or that have caught my attention), but I would really like to hear from you as well and learn about some of the things you find useful.

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1) Yamaha Clavinova – maybe it’s because my first piano lessons as a 5-year-old were on a Yamaha digital piano (group lessons in Singapore as a missionary kid), but I am VERY biased towards Yamaha in general (I’ll take a C7 Grand for the house if anyone would like to donate one!)…and Clavinovas in particular. They are just so incredibly versatile. All the recorded piano you hear on mincymedia (including all of my CDs) has been done on a Clavinova. Just the ability to transpose at the click of a button and record tracks for playback makes it worth its weight in gold for a church accompanist. I could write multiple posts on this…but I’ll stop now.

2) MultiTrack DAW – I do a great percentage of my recording via an iPad these days, and this app has been bullet-proof and a joy to use. It also has incredibly easy sharing features, including my favorite–the ability to share wirelessly between devices.

3) Alesis ioDock – pair the MultiTrack DAW above with this dock (which is what I use…$125-$150 new) and you have yourself an instant studio.

4) Orchestra – I love this app  just for its name, but it can also be confusing at first because it is not a music app at all…it’s “your to-do list, connected to everyone”. Think of it as a simple to-do list, BUT something that can also “orchestrate” projects and tasks between groups of people. If you are like me, you are always looking for better ways to stay organized as a musician, and this an easy–and FREE–way to do it.

5) Music Teacher’s Helper – I saw this the other day and, although I do not have a need for it personally, thought it looked like a really good idea. It is designed to help automate and manage most of the business aspects of running a music teaching studio. Just thought it might be of interest to anyone who teaches lessons.

So what about you? What is a tech tool you have found to be really useful?


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