Behold Our God Intermediate Piano Duet

four-handsMy boys have been after me for a while to write an arrangement of this song for them. The words and tune (chorus especially) are both absolute home runs! We just sang it as part of our 7th Anniversary service at my church this past weekend, in fact, and I commend it to you for use in your own congregation. You can find the words here. My boys are reaching a level where they are playing some pretty difficult stuff, so I am classifying this as an intermediate level piece. The use of sixteenth notes, bigger chords, and significant ledger line reading requirements are the things that (to me) push this up from student to intermediate. But, I think that could also make it a nice duet for regular church pianists or even piano/organs duets? It is certainly my hope you may find it useful. I’d love to hear any feedback you might have for me after you’ve listened and viewed it below (or after you have used it if you decide to buy it)!


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6 Responses to “Behold Our God Intermediate Piano Duet”

  • mike Says:

    Hey Dave,
    Just wondering why it didn’t have the three stanzas on the piano that are written for the words. My daughter and I were singing along and missed the last verse. :-) Apart from that, very very well done. Thanks.

    • Dave Mincy Says:

      Great point, Mike! And here’s the pragmatic truth :-/…the arrangement would have been too long (IMO)…it is almost 4 minutes as it is…BUT, if you really want all the verses, my suggestion (if playing the arrangement on the piano) would be to repeat the second verse (or second verse and chorus) as they are written in the arrangement. I do like to include all the verses whenever I can, but just felt I couldn’t this time!

  • sarah kate branine Says:

    This is wonderful. So wonderful.
    Can’t say how much I love that your boys can play this! I can’t wait for that for my boys, hopefully : )

  • Michael Gentile Says:

    Love this! Miss hearing your music every week!

  • Priscilla Robinson Says:

    I really love this piece. I want to have one of my students play it with me. Thanks, Dave!!!

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