Apr 16 2013

Psalm 61 – Congregational Song

psalm 61I wrote this song in a hotel room in Hawaii about seventeen years ago. Now I know you feel sorry for me about the whole Hawaii part of the story, but not everything is always wonderful–even in “paradise”. I was working a sales job in the pharmaceutical industry that had me in Hawaii for 5 weeks straight, I didn’t know a soul (although I later connected with a wonderful church while there), and was a bit lonely. One day, Psalm 61 was part of my devotional reading and I decided to try and put it to music to help me meditate on the passage. This song was the result. To this day, I think it is the only song I have written without sitting at the piano to work on the tune.

Our church enjoys singing this song, and so I wanted to make the leadsheet available for free in case it might benefit other ministries (or your personal devotions) as well. Have a wonderful day!

View/Print Psalm 61 Leadsheet (C)

Mar 19 2013

Free Easter Leadsheets

It is my intention to do two things with this post: to start (restart, really) an area for free music/resources, and to get a conversation going about what the music is like in your church on a weekly basis.

These first two things I have put up in the free music area are leadsheets for the classic Easter hymns Christ The Lord Is Risen Today and Hallelujah, What A Savior. I have found it needful to make leadsheets for some of the classic hymns to: 1) lower the key (make them easier to sing), 2) provide more logical and accessible (but hopefully interesting) chords for my music team, and 3) get the hymn on one page (so many hymns “bleed” over by one staff to a second page…we use ipads and this becomes an inconvenience…more on this in a post soon!). It is my hope that maybe they might be useful for your ministry…which brings me to the second thing I wanted to talk about…

It seems to me that the music landscape is fairly varied from church to church “out there”, and I am curious if there is a dominant methodology. My intention is to put up a survey in the next week or two to better understand this…things like: do your church musicians use leadsheets, hymnbooks, a combination? What does you music team “look like” for a church service…piano, organ, piano/organ, full orchestra, praise team? What does your congregation use…overhead projection, hymnbooks, bulletin inserts, a combination? I am just really curious to understand more around this whole topic and, in the meantime, would welcome your feedback. Have a great day!